Repairing Crystal

Chips and Nicks

To find a nick or a chip on one of your favourite crystal items can be very upsetting. But a quick search of your local Yellow Pages should reveal the name of a good restorer who could professionally grind out the damage for you. If you are unsuccessful, then check under "Sporting Trophy Companies" - most know the name of a professional glass engraver who might possibly be able to help. You can expect to pay between £5-£10 per glass for the repair.

Water damage (or blooming)

Water damage (or water staining) is a superficial (only a few molecules deep) fogging of the surface caused by an actual change in the chemical structure of the glass when a vessel is left containing liquid for long periods.

To avoid it happening, vases, decanters etc. should be washed out and dried, and rested for a while between uses.

Glass repairers and restorers can remove water-damage very successfully either by:
  • flushing the vessel out with a mixture of hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids
  • mechanical polishing with abrasives on felt-pads, both of which processes remove the damaged "skin" of the glass.
The first process is extremely dangerous, and should be left strictly to the professionals.