Caring For Crystal

Cleaning Your Crystal  Always wash your pieces one at a time in a rubber or plastic bowl, in case you drop one. You may wish to wear rubber gloves to give you a firmer grip. Use cool or hand-warm water only. Never wash (or rinse) glass objects in hot water.

If your water is too hot and you place a cold glass into it - there is a danger the sudden expansion of the crystal will create a fault or simply smash there and then. One day you will come across a piece with an internal weakness or microscopic bubble, and suddenly you will find the piece you were holding has now become several pieces!

Glass that is not enamelled or gilded can be treated surprisingly roughly without damaging it.
Liquid biological detergents can be used to shift the most stubborn dirt, but be careful - they make glass objects very slippery!

Abrasive liquids like Cif cream (formerly known as Jif) can be useful especially if used in conjunction with a bottle brush, particularly for fussily-moulded pressed glass, but you will need to take extra care in rinsing the piece before drying.

Rinsing glasses in a mixture of lemon juice and water will always give them that extra sparkle.

Drying Your Crystal  Never leave crystal to dry naturally as this could leave lime scale marks. (See section on Repairing Crystal). Dry each glass with a good tea towel and then buff with paper kitchen towel, which does not leave fibres behind.

Never use a dishwasher, it might be quicker, but eventually your crystal will become dull and cloudy.